Withdraw Form

I’m sorry that things at Elk Valley Guitar Lessons did not work out for you.

I hope that if you consider taking lessons in the future that you will keep Elk Valley Guitar Lessons in mind.

As part of trying to make lessons better for all of my students now and in the future, and to remove you from the schedule, take the small amount of time to complete this withdrawal form.

Students that discontinue their lessons almost ALWAYS stop playing guitar and those that don’t suffer from a dramatic decrease in their musical progress. Sometimes students think that they can learn better on their own or by taking a break it will allow them a chance to catch up or sort things out with life. But here’s the reality:

1) How could someone effectively and efficiently teach themselves something they don’t know? If the top professionals in every field have advisers, coaches, teachers, and mentors how much more important is it that a beginner or non-professional have such guidance?

2) Life will ALWAYS happen. It’s so sad to hear people tell me they put off their dream of learning how to play the guitar their entire life because “life” got in the way and then once they finally start they quit before they achieved their goal because “something else came up…”

3) The secret to success in music (or anything) has nothing to do with those that are “gifted” or those that have more time on their hands like many may think. Everyone starts at zero and everyone has 24 hours in the day. The secret to those that succeed is they don’t give up! Sometimes when we feel we don’t have the time or that it isn’t for me is the time to dig deeper, push harder, and persevere. No one ever reached any worthwhile goal or achieved anything noteworthy by giving up.

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One more thing, sometimes when students leave they feel embarrassed and are ashamed to come back to their lessons. The door is ALWAYS open and I hope we can work together again in the future!

Take care!