Student Success Stories

The part that helped me the most is when Bryce tells me to keeps on going and not stop and my favorite part would be learning new songs. The lessons with Bryce are very awesome and you will have fun.

– Luke


I wasn’t to sure what to expect to be honest but compared to now, he knows how to play the guitar! He didn’t before. Korbyn and Bryce have a pretty cool relationship and they are pretty good friends. Korbyn’s confidence is sky high now, its great. Bryce is great. You wont be disappointed.

– Kari (Korbyn’s Mom)


Bryce has helped me most with chords and my favourite part is to hangout with Bryce. He helps me out a lot of the time and I’m sure he can help you out, too.

– Kaelen (10 years old)


The thing he helped me the most would be that he showed me to put my thumb down so I can move my fingers faster. The lessons with Bryce are the best and you should try them.

– Jesse (10 years old)


The thing that has helped me the most is when I’m trying to learn something and I’m having troubles with something, Bryce always relates to me and how he overcome it and Bryce makes it a lot easier for me to overcome too.

– Isaac (14 years old)


I like how Bryce inspires people and how good of a mentor he is. Bryce is a really good guy, he can get you to play really, and its not to hard its just right and hes a good mentor and hes just a really good guy.

– Hayden (9 years old)

Hayden has a hard time sticking with things and Bryce has overcome the objections. Bryce is a positive influence and has really helped Hayden stick with guitar for as long as he has.

– Nikki (Hayden’s Mom)


Kevin Sparwood Fernie Elkford Guitar LessonsI actually learn stuff here at Elk Valley Guitar Lessons, I didn’t learn anything at school lessons. I know for a fact I learn a lot more here than I would there because even though our teacher there, he’s smart with it, I don’t think he has the ability to teach it as well as Bryce does.

I knew they (guitar lessons) would help, but I kinda thought they were almost pointless once you get to a certain stage. I’ve learned that there’s a lot more to it than, “here’s a song to play, here’s a couple new chords.”

I never thought I would learn theory from guitar lessons and be able to apply it. I’ve actually been able to apply that to piano as well, so there’s a plus there.

My speed has increased. That’s probably what I’m most excited about. It opens up a whole new range of stuff I can play now, definitely. Like I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to play songs that I tried to play when I first started and I thought, “oh wow I’ll never be able to play that,” and now I can just go to it and be like, “OK this is easy, why couldn’t I do that a couple months ago?”

– Kevin C.


Fernie Guitar Lessons Kids Guitar Lessons Liam F.

“I don’t have a background playing guitar so I’m not able to help Liam learn to play… but ultimately Liam has been able to learn to play guitar through Bryce.

Bryce has taught Liam with enthusiasm and excitement, and Liam really likes Bryce. I like that Bryce is involved, he’s excited, and he is very good with the kids.

Liam has been very happy, he is very proud of what he can do on the guitar, he has lots of fun playing, and he enjoys coming to practice.”

Robyn – Liam’s Mom


I thought guitar lessons were going to be like a drill, do this, do this, do this, okay we’ve got this now go do this. Elk Valley Guitar Lessons is my escape where I can come and pick up the guitar and learn something new, take it home and practice it. Bryce makes it where you want to learn and actually go home and practice!

– Justin G.


I had no idea what to practice, how to practice, and where to go to. After my lessons with Bryce I’ve learned a great practice regiment, it’s showing results, and I’m very looking forward to moving on.

You know what, you gotta go see Bryce and see where it takes you because it took me to a good place so I’m very happy with what’s going on with Bryce.

– John B. (60 years young)


“Bryce pretty much figured out where I wanted to be and gave me everything I needed. He even taught me the beginning to a song that I thought I wouldn’t even be able to play at all and by the next day I had the strumming pattern and the first 30 seconds of the song down pat. Instead of having to learn a certain Mexican song or this one metal song and only knowing how to play that one metal song Bryce showed me that I could do whatever I want and I didn’t need to be afraid.” – Melyssa M.



Luke Fernie Guitar Lessons

I like playing theme songs like Star Wars and Mario. I like doing the picking.

You get to have fun and learn new things and have the best teacher ever!

– Luke


Fernie Guitar Lessons Kids Guitar Lessons Mycah S.
“…Bryce has great teaching skills,with the children especially. Bryce is good at motivating them to do it again, try hard and be the best that they can.

Bryce isn’t hard on them but they’re not getting away with anything either. There is learning to be done and it should be done in a fun way, that’s how Bryce teaches.”

Amy – Mycah’s Mom


Jesse Fernie Guitar Lessons

I’m most excited about all of the stuff I can do on guitar. Guitar is one of my favourite things!

– Jesse

I know sometimes learning instruments can be challenging and difficult but if its fun like these kids are having like Bryce is teaching them then its easier to learn so absolutely I would encourage it.

– Chad (Jesse’s Dad)