Wanting to improve on your musicianship? These articles will help along the way as motivation and practice tips/strategies.

How To: Choose Your First Guitar – Inform yourself of the pros and cons of the different choices you have when looking to buy your first guitar.

How To Master Anything – A short guide to help you pass even the most frustrating mental roadblocks.

Why Most Beginners Quit Playing Guitar – THIS article is how you break that cycle!

Benefits Of Playing Music – A list containing most of the physical and mental health benefits of playing an instrument.

How to Prepare To Record In The Studio – An easy to follow list that will make your next recording session sound cleaner, tighter, and professional.

Don’t Quit Playing Guitar, Find The Right Teacher! – This will help explain why people quit, give you motivation to continue, and help you find the right teacher for you.

The Number One Tool Most Musicians Never Use –  An explanation of how you can evolve your musicianship faster than ever before.

What Does Music Mean To You? – Think about this as you read this and explore why you became a musician.

Why Would Anyone Practice in the Dark? – Your eyes are overrated sometimes, especially when mastering your instrument. Here’s why.

Where Music Is Played Today (and what that means for you) – Seeing the amount of opportunity in front of you is just one of the many steps you will have to take to “make it” in this industry.