Where Music is Played Today (and what that means for you!)

Where is music played at in today’s age?


Think about it, music is in TV shows, movies, ads, video games, on the street, on the radio, at your house, in your home, on the net, at the neighbour’s, on your fingertips, and in your head. There is no escaping it.

And that is the beauty of it!

As difficult as it is to break into the music industry and “make it” there are countless ways for you to get you music heard and to make money off of it at the same time.

Now not endless royalties and deals are abundant, but think of the up and coming people in other entertainment mediums that need your music to fill their soundtrack.

There are producers looking to get some real life experience with different musicians. What does that mean for you? It means you can get your best songs recorded and then used as promos to showcase the producer for FREE.

Exposure and free recording!

So find a producer on Kijiji or Craigslist or even on your Facebook newsfeed that is trying to branch out and start his or her own studio and get in touch with them.

Video game designers need cool sound effects and soundtracks to bring the magic of their games to life. Again, find a local studio, get in touch, build a relationship, and offer your services.

That is a little harder than it sounds on text but it is a truly an entrepreneurial and self-employed thing to do.

The same would go for a movie soundtrack. Most beginning filmmakers would stick to tried and true music already produced, but you may be able to find the odd one looking for original music that truly fits his or her movie.

Basically, get in touch with your local art scene. Surround yourself with these like-minded, motivated, creative individuals and become their friend.

Become the person they want to contact for their music problems.

Think of where music is played today, and corner that market for yourself.

Their are many would-be musicians out there, but not even 10% of them have any idea of how to treat their music business as just that: A business.

That simple mindset will put you on the competing edge and ahead of most musicians.

While the industry is still difficult to break into, you will soon see why so many others fail and why a select few actually “make it.”

Think of where music is played today, and find the people that want you to play it.

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