What I Have Been Practicing Lately

Lately I have been preparing for the Wacken Metal Battle that is coming through Calgary in May.

So I have been focusing on a few specific things to improve my technique and showmanship.

I have been focusing on the songs we are going to play, as well as breaking down the techniques specifically and getting them down.

I have been practicing my slap and pop technique, my finger rolled triplets, overall cleanliness, as well as practicing in the dark for about 20% of the time, and working on playing an underhand-overhand technique.

I will write a short article about the benefits of playing in the dark, but most advantages are pretty easy to think about.

I haven’t forsaken my ear training, in fact I’ve been focusing on my relative pitch every time I’m in my truck alone ¬†as well as putting 20 minutes or so every day towards perfect pitch at home. Read “The Number One Tool Most Musicians Never Use” here for amazing ear training.

The triplets and getting them clean and tight has proven to be the funnest challenge I’ve had in guitar playing in a long time.

Up until last year I would always use a pick (a technique not dropped from playing electric for so many years) but I have decided to master my finger picking as well to really get that awesome bass tone.

I still play on my electric and acoustic, especially for ear training and writing, but as a bass player for Train Bigger Monkeys I have decided that I need to really focus on bass skills.

On the plus side, the finger picking will definitely transfer over to electric and incorporate well with hybrid-picking.

Another fun practice technique has been the under/overhand technique I’ve been waiting to show off. If you haven’t seen it, ask Google to spit out a few videos of it for you.

I have no idea what it is called but it sure is flashy and will (hopefully) impress the people at the show.

Practicing that in the dark has proven to be very difficult thus far.

Share with us some of your unorthodox playing and practicing methods. What kind of showmanship do you like to represent when you are on stage?

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