What Does Music Mean To You?

Ask yourself what does music mean to you?

To me it means an escape and much more. I can move to many different places depending on the song. I can move to my happy place where the sun shines on all of us, I can go to a place to pump me up for a run, and I can swing into a groove that all of the people in my circle can jam to.

Keep thinking about what music means to you.

Music is something that binds us all together. Even if some of us don’t like a certain genre, there is always something to take away from every song that can leave an impression on us.

The lyrical talent and phrasing in rap can be very powerful.

The feeling and mood of a country song can take us to an old memory.

The rhythm and punch of a good breakdown can cause heads to bang in unison.

There are just so many different ways that music can affect someone that it is impossible to put into a post without going on and on for paragraphs.

So for musicians, the passion to play is as variable as the music itself.

Why  is it that you play an instrument?

Maybe it is to make a career and play in front of others to inspire happiness.

Maybe you want to teach about music and help others that wouldn’t have a chance to learn otherwise.

You might want to just play for yourself and your friends around a fire to pass the time.

Or you may have your own reasons for playing an instrument. I’d like to know in the comments below.

Any way you look at playing your instrument, it is one of the most powerful ways to improve yourself as a person all around. There is an article about the benefits of music so I wont go into too much detail about that.

Music for me is a way to better myself every day.

I’ll tell you a story of when I was in middle school. I was fresh in a new town, new school, new life it seemed, I didn’t know a single face in the hallways I was walking. At this point in my life I was still a bit of an introvert and not very confident with myself.

I felt I had no value, nothing to offer to the world or anyone I would meet. Up until this point I had enjoyed playing video games with my brother, watching tv and listening to my favourite bands at the time. I had other hobbies as well, like any normal pre-teen but nothing really stood out.

My younger brother had obtained a guitar and only played for a few months before becoming frustrated and putting it down. That is ok, it just wasn’t his thing.

But one day I picked up that beaten acoustic guitar, and not knowing much more than a simple G chord I tried to figure out how to place my fingers and pick away. I was so entranced by the sounds I was making, although they sounded like garbage with no real pattern or feeling. I remember saying to myself, “hey this is pretty fun. I wonder what I could learn to do on this thing.”

I must have played that G chord until my fingers almost split from the pressure. The next morning my fingertips were screaming at me. As soon as I was able to, I started looking up tabs on the internet to some of my favourite songs.

I was just starting to get into metal around this time and thought “Divinity Within” from Protest the Hero would be a great song to play and practice.

It took all of about 30 seconds to realize that I didn’t stand a chance on Everest without an oxygen tank of being able to play that song.

So I decided to move to another favourite band at the time, My Chemical Romance. A little better suited to a beginner, to say the least.

After a few weeks of playing my parents bought me bass guitar starter kit from Wal-Mart. I don’t remember why I decided on a bass at the time, but I was very excited to plug in the DVD that came with it and start playing.

Now I didn’t know how to tune the thing, change the strings, or even hold a pick properly, but something inside of me lit up when I would play a guitar. Something told me to practice for another five minutes, something told me that this is something that I could really put my time into and enjoy.

The rest up until now is all details.

Have you been thinking about what music means to you? Why did you start playing an instrument? Why have you kept playing an instrument for this long?

That last question is a really important one. If you can answer that question clearly then you must have clearly defined goals for your musicianship.

If you can’t answer that question clearly, don’t worry. Take the time to think about and write down why you want to keep playing an instrument. Think about what exactly it is you want to do with that instrument.

Maybe you want to play in an orchestra one day.

You could even want to be a rock star.

You might even have your favourite place to play already thought of in your head like Carnegie Hall. Oh wouldn’t that be amazing?

It is extremely important that you have a clear defined direction that you want to take your musicianship in if you ever wish to get there in a reasonable amount of time. Don’t underestimate the power of doing this, most drivers will get lost if they don’t have a proper destination and road map of how to get there.

This is where having a great teacher comes in handy. That teacher will be able to help you set the goals you want to set and help you get there faster, knowing the specific steps you must take to reach those goals.

What I want you to do now is click the follow button on the side so you can stay in touch and get the latest guitar playing stories, tips, and practice strategies to implement. Then I want you to ask yourself and all of your musical friends why it is you play your instruments.

The answers you get may surprise and inspire you.

So again, what does music mean to you?


Note: Yes I know people have ascended Mt. Everest without an oxygen tank, but I sure haven’t.



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32 comments on “What Does Music Mean To You?
  1. hazel says:

    Wow. I love your post. For me music is my form if worship to God. Its everything i feel and its all up to him. All the glory and honor.

    • Donna says:

      I was going to say exactly the same thing. Music is the cry of my heart and soul to God, the deepest form of expression. I like to think that my music is heard up in heaven, edited and enhanced and added to the heavenly choirs and orchestras.

  2. Music to me has always been a problem solver. Any problem I go through, I always turn to music when it’s time to find a solution. I may find it in a lyric or the music may put me in a place that allows me to think clearly.

    I play the violin. I never let anyone else hear my play, I play for myself. It’s a little selfish but my music is so personal to me I can’t imagine sharing my feelings, my secrets, my mistakes (not the the greatest violinist lol) for anyone else.

    • Bryce Gorman says:

      Most musicians find it hard to play for others. I know I had a hard time and still do have a hard time playing for others but what really helps me is playing with others. I feel it takes all of the focus off of me

  3. Wow! Such a good question! Music is my Lifeline to my Creator. Though I rarely perform anymore and my instruments gather dust, music quickens me, soothes, invigorates, and satisfies my inconsolable longing (sehnsucht). Sidney Lanier said “Music is Love in search of a word.” I would amend that: Music is Love in search of the Word (Logos, the Word made flesh in John 1).

    • Bryce Gorman says:

      Yes it is! Music has great benefits that deeply affect someone and highly recommend it. God created music and He listens to us all play

  4. katelon says:

    I love singing and grew up making up songs, hearing songs in my head all the time, and even throughout much of my life have had entire concerts in my dreams, from start to finish, with me playing guitar, a full orchestra in front of me, a band along side me.
    When my parents started me on piano as a kid I wanted to play the songs i heard in my head but teachers wanted me to play notes on a page. I hated it and was horrible at recitals, forgetting everything in front of the audience. So the teachers would fire me and my Mom would find another teacher.
    My Dad had briefly taken guitar lessons and put it aside. So I finally asked for his guitar as i figured since I love to be outside and hike, I could take the guitar with me. I liked that i could play songs I liked and sing along.
    I taught kindergarten and in an alternative school so I could do music with kids and that was great. I bought guitar song books and pushed myself to play more and more complicated songs, plus took guitar lessons twice a month one semester in college.
    In the future I want to explore the fret board more and create more of my own songs. I’ve written some songs, taught music and movement for children and played publicly some. But now I’m ready to stretch myself further.
    Thanks for your post.

  5. Joyce says:

    I also am uncertain about which musical instrument to pick. I took basic piano lessons and bought myself an electric piano, got frustrated with my piano teacher because she didn’t even teach me a piece in those 12 days, then sold the piano. I bought a guitar and taught myself to play it by following guitar chords and song books, got really busy with my events work, and my brother borrowed it and has bought 3 more.

    Sigh. Now recalling these things, it makes me sad. But I’m grateful, I’ve never stopped singing and listening to music and making my own songs, even. I probably should take a look at my goals, yes.

    Thank you.

    • Bryce Gorman says:

      I hope this inspires you to find the right teacher that will help you achieve your goals.
      Can I ask what your piano teacher presented to you in those 12 days?

  6. Timiarah says:

    Great post. Music to me is a healing agent and a way of connecting with the rest of the world. I listen to different types of music to regulate my emotions. I write/sing songs to express myself in a creative fashion. I enjoy all genres of music.

  7. sanchita says:

    Music means a kind of meditation to me. I started with flute and m still on it although the frequency of practice is reduced, is because it makes me feel relaxed.

    • Bryce Gorman says:

      My girlfriend is a flautist and is very calming when she plays. There is a lot of technique involved and is very impressive to watch her play.

  8. First, nice post :) Second, thanks for the follow :D Considering that one of my recent posts is about singing/music, I think I know how you found me ;>

    Your blog seems like a nice place to go visiting. Will check it out more later…Have a nice day/evening!

  9. I think the weirdest thing about playing an instrument is the fact that it doesn’t sound the same as if you are just listening. Not whether its good or bad, it’s just…different.I think you listen in a different way when you play. There is, as you say, all the technique involved, so you concentrate more, but it’s like going somewhere else, and waking up when its all over. Odd.

  10. Tobey says:

    Music defines me and my every mood. My father raised me to read Dylan Thomas in order to understand Bob Dylan. I was all of four or five tears old when I was taught that if music didn’t “speak” than it was “noise”.

    My beloved father is gone and I listen to his music; which has been morphed with mine. The result: a hopeful, meloncholy, poetic symphony of mournful anger, sadness and memories that can never be stolen from me.

    I was named after my father’s first true love: JUDY COLLINS. Our song: My Father; and thousands more.

    Music done right and executed with passion is art, ecstasy and an hour of crying.

    Those are my thoughts.

  11. Kezz says:

    Loved this! <3

  12. enozayn says:

    Wow. . . I just started to learn to play guitar about a few hours ago n I saw this post. Howdy! This is a great sign i will master it faster.

    • Bryce Gorman says:

      I’m glad you are thinking like that. Hopefully you find a teacher in your area that can really help you get on the fast track to mastery

  13. blessmyjourney says:

    Music is the way I communicate to the rest of the world :)

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  15. A friend of mine and I (in our sixties) get together about every two weeks for a weekend of jams. Mostly rock’n’roll– about 20 songs from the 60′s thru 80′s. And though we might not be correct in our transposing of a song, we do what we can to fit our voices and style. But most importantly, it is just pure fun to try stuff we never would have thought of playing in our earlier days. Thanx for the post and for visiting my site. Peace.

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  18. Sujan says:

    Wow! So nice blog! :) Loved it. :)

    Actually music is my life, I always listen to the music abd enjoy it very much. :) (y)

  19. I really miss playing music. I played the 12-string for years, but finally my fingers started to get stiff with arthritis. I had to quit and I miss it terribly sometimes. Thank you for your incite into being a musician and for following itsmindbloggleing.

  20. Ashok Bhatia says:

    Great post. Music transports us into a different realm. It is invigorating, to say the least.

    Wonder if you have come across this post: