The Number One Tool Most Musicians Never Use

Want To Be In The Top 2% Of Musicians World-Wide?

In today’s fast-paced quick result oriented world there is one tool in the musician’s arsenal that is often underdeveloped, leaving many would-be musicians behind on a professional AND hobbyist level.

This seems to come from a lack of understanding about the power and magnificence of this tool.

The most powerful thing us as musicians have to help us with our songwriting, improvisation, solo writing, transcribing, and overall enhancement of our creativity is our ears!

Yes, Your Ears!

It seems simple but many musicians today often have underdeveloped ears. This stems from a lack of a proper musical education.

Many teachers like to focus on the seemingly most important aspects to a guitarist’s education.

Things like pure speed, technique, and cramming tons of theory down their students’ throat.

This results in amazing technical guitarists, if the student can stand focusing on these few concepts over the years it takes to truly develop and master them.

What is missing is the most critical part to the full enjoyment of playing and writing music.

Many guitarists have the technical prowess to play anything they are shown to play, but unable to write even the simplest of riffs that truly express what they want to express.

Instead, what comes out is a blur of scales played over and over using different techniques like sweeping and tapping (and sometimes even sweep-tapping) sounding very robotic, stiff, and not very emotionally involving for the listener, which is what music is really all about.

Pulling your listener in and feeling everything you want them to feel, when you want them to feel it is the Holy Grail for all musicians, regardless of preferred instrument.

So How Does One Develop An Ear For Music?

How does one focus and train on the most important aspects of ear training?

There are many programs out there to benefit you but there is only one ear training course that I recommend to all of my new students.

I only recommend this specific ear training course because it is the one ear training course that boosted my ear faster than any other program around and I know it can do the same for you.

Imagine being able to hear the type of music you love with a clarity that lets you hear exactly what your favourite musicians are playing, and then being able to replicate that quickly and easily on your own instrument.

You can work this program into your daily training regimen easily, especially if you have a commute to work during the week.

Plug the CD into your car, pick the track you are on, and listen.

It Is Really That Simple.

Some parts of the program require a little more attention, like writing down certain exercises, but if you are truly committed to turning into the musician you’ve always wanted to be the little extra effort should not and will not stand in your way. In fact, the process of going through these exercises is where the real gold lies. You absolutely will not get better at all if you simply listen to and do not participate in the program (or any program). Actively engage yourself and you will see yourself grow into the musician that you want to be.

What I want you to do now is head over to Perfect Pitch Ear Training and buy both the perfect pitch ear training and Relative Pitch Ear Training courses David Lucas Burge has to offer.

Never have I ever thought I would be able to advance my ear training as quick as I did with these programs. No matter any other exercises I tried, I was always frustrated and feeling like I was falling behind. After just a few sessions I began to hear the different tones with a new clarity that had never been expressed to me before. It excites me so much that I can share the potential of this program to you!

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