Don’t quit playing guitar, find the right teacher!

Why do so many people quit playing guitar and how do we stop this from happening?

After a quick visit to the closest local music shop the other day I discovered many people actually want to learn how to play the guitar, but almost no one had any clue on where to begin.

But it is difficult finding the right guitar by yourself, and even more difficult finding the right guitar teacher by yourself. So when faced with that inspiration to learn such a powerful instrument, why is it that so many people seem to quit after only one, two, or three months of trying?

I mean, the guitar is one of the most versatile instruments available for fully expressing yourself, so it’s no wonder so many people start out on the journey to finally release all of that creative potential they have in themselves. But after only a few months, most people get frustrated and they walk away for good.

When I ask people why they want to quit playing I get the same responses from the same kinds of people. The responses are always, “It’s too hard” or, “I don’t have the time” or, “I’m not good enough.” What I have to say to that is…

Stop it!

Quit lying to yourself, quit making excuses, and quit being the same unmotivated punk
that will not get you where you want to go in your life.

There are literally thousands of articles on how to play any musical instrument you want, and hundreds of musicians that had the ambition to focus on their craft and make their dream a reality. If people like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jason Hook, and Carlos Santana can become great guitarists..


This does not apply to you as you most likely haven’t started playing yet or are an established guitarist and have been playing for some amount of time. So take the time now to read more of my free articles and instantly become a better guitarist.

So where does a beginning guitarist begin?

After 2 hours of watching YouTube videos on how to play “Smoke On The Water” or how to play a C Major scale, most people are more confused than when they started.

This is why finding the right teacher for you is the most crucial step to ensuring your success as a musician.

The right teacher will give you the tools you need to know right away so that you get the maximum benefit for the amount of time and effort you put in.

The right teacher is going to motivate you, push you, teach you, train you, and keep you focused on the goals that you want to achieve.

I’m not saying that in one, two, or even five years you will become a virtuoso like Tom Hess, but in those first few years you will be light years ahead of others around you that struggle to stay motivated and practice every single day.

Let’s make a checklist of the few things you truly need to become a great musician.

I’ll cut out all of the small stuff and focus on the CORE PRINCIPALS that you need to succeed.

You need:

– A lasting motivation and proven techniques to keep you wanting to play

– To surround yourself with like-minded musicians who only want to see you succeed

 A great introduction to the basics of playing guitar

– Definitive, specific goals of where you want to go in your playing.

Even if you only want to play for your friends at a campfire, you still need to set goals and work your way to learning the techniques and songs you want to play. You can’t get where you want to go without having the proper “road map” to your goals

– A teacher willing to work with you. One that will praise your successes, and help you through your struggles. A teacher that will give you every last tool you need to become a great guitarist.

If you truly want to become the best musician you can be, there is nothing in this world that can stop you. Period. If you have an insanely busy schedule in your life, take a look at the things that no longer serve you or your best interests.

This is different for everybody but anyone that is willing and wanting to become a great musician WILL find an hour a day to practice the skills they need to master. Lazy people accept excuses, motivated individuals accept only results.

The only thing left for you to do is actually apply everything here and get started playing the instrument of your choice.

So I have a couple things for you to do right now. I want you to read Tom Hess’ article on choosing the right guitar teacher for you. After that I want you to tell me more about yourself and the frustrations you have when playing the guitar.

Don’t quit playing the guitar, focus and find the right teacher with the right resources for you!

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