About Me

It is my goal and obligation to help people like you become the guitarist that you want to be.

Here in the Elk Valley I teach others like you that have/had the same problems you do, the same questions as you, the same goals that you want to achieve, and the same mindset you have.

I know you wouldn’t be here if you were not serious about truly reaching your guitar playing goals, and you know that the best way to achieve is your goals is to find a mentor that has been through the same process that you are going through, having a lot of the same questions, thoughts, and curiosity about how to actually learn to play an electric or bass guitar.

You want a teacher that is there for you, knows the frustrations of learning to play an instrument, and can help guide you through the process of learning so that you actually have fun learning and playing music easily.

The Elk Valley is my home. More specifically, Sparwood is my home. I meet others from around the Valley that want to meet their guitar playing goals, and I also meet people from around the Valley LIKE YOU that DO meet their guitar playing goals. The key difference between these two people is their willingness to actually find a mentor that has spent a lot of hours (and money) training to become the teacher that they need to help them reach their goals, and then actually follow through on getting in touch with that mentor and training with him/her.

I love to teach people that have some experience with playing guitar or bass (6 months – 5 years) and even complete beginners. I have paid special attention in my studies of teaching guitar towards learning how to teach beginners because of my desire to help spread the gift, art, and talent of music. I love to teach kids, teenagers, and adults alike that are new to music because of the amazing joy and appreciation that comes with learning a craft such as this.

This community is our home, and I will help connect the people and places all around us with the power of music!



From a photo shoot in 2012, Adam Ragan is a great photographer.




Read an article, decide that playing music is the next big step in your life and then get in touch with me today!

From someone just like you,

Bryce Gorman

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    Cool blog man – looking forward to reading the music posts!

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    Great blog — I’m on your path too, the early phases anyway. Thanks for following, and I look forward to reading your business posts! -Bohemian Notebook

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    • Bryce Gorman says:

      Thanks Irene, I’m happy you came to have a look as well. It is always interesting to see what others are having to say in the world.
      I find WordPress a lot more mature than other social media sites and really like the culture here

  6. katelon says:

    Thanks for taking a look at my blog and following. Congratulations for leaping into a life of your passion! Looking forward to checking out your music tips. I’ve played guitar for years. Best wishes with your blog and music.

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    Hey Bryce! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog! I can see that we share the same understanding about life, best of luck with your endeavours!

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    I keep writing as it is a passion and without it I am nowhere.
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  25. Hey Bryce,

    This sounds cool.

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    Bryce thank you for the follow. I think it is so awesome that you are able to follow your passion and dreams. I hope you find my words useful on your journey. -Namaste

  27. Thanks for following my blog. My son is a musician too.

  28. Dear Bryce, It is heartening to know of you. You represent that change in consciousness which enables us to own up to our authenticity – our true calling. I was particularly interested in your description about yourself. Music, as i understand is, is the language of the soul – a bit like art. It is powerful and liberating. Keep up the good work that you are doing and stay true to your Light

  29. k Atwal says:

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    Bryce, thank you so much for liking my post, “Mountains, Oceans and Gods” on papermudandme.wordpress.com and deciding to follow me. As you can tell from the blog site I dabble in ceramics and writing. I find it interesting that people will pay $15- for a coffee mug of mine that took maybe 2 months from start to finish but don’t want to pay $15- for a published book that could take all of 3 years from beginning to publication. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and Aloha – pjs.

  33. Alison says:

    Hi Bryce, nice to meet you. Sounds like you’ve done what you needed to do to set your life straight. Kudos. Thanks for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our adventures, both inner and outer. I wish you all the best with your online business and with your music! Cheers, Alison

  34. Mike says:

    Hey Bryce – thanks for stopping by and following JAM. Keep up your passion for music and helping others. The positive energy will always come back to you.

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    I look forward to looking through your blog and I found such an interesting post here.
    I’m an amateur guitarist and just realized myself as a music addict and enthusiast. I’m so glad to find a blog like yours and sure your blog is something i have searching for a long time.
    promise to stay tuned :)

    • Bryce Gorman says:

      Thanks for checking this page out. I hope some of the articles help you become a better musician. Not being able to teach you from here the number one thing I recommend is ear training. There is an article about it on here

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  40. Bryce, thanks for following my blog. I can’t believe you’re from Sparwood! I rode through there this past summer on my mountain bike following the GDMBR. Can’t wait to explore more of your website.

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    I noticed you follow bunches of blogs, including my own. Thanks for that. I can’t help wondering how you actually “follow” all these blogs, and still get anything else done. I mostly ignore the e-mail notices I get, and lament missing the gold nuggets hidden among all that gravel. But that’s blog-marketing for ya.

    • Bryce Gorman says:

      There are a few systems in place to help me get the work I need done, but I love coming here on WordPress and finding people from all over the world that are writing and focusing on their dreams. I’m not on enough to comment on a whole lot but anything that interests me I will follow to stay on top of what they are writing about.

  45. I really like your story–very true. I am at the point where I want to do what I love and not have to spend time working just for money. I look forward to your posts!

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    • Bryce Gorman says:

      No problem Molly, WordPress is so much more relaxed and mature than other social media platforms so I like to continue that reputation with a follow and a hello!

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    Thank you for the follow. Good luck with your online business and hang on to that music. It is a precious gift in a fast-moving world.

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    • Bryce Gorman says:

      Thanks for stopping by as well. I’ve said before that I will be posting an article on the topic of how artists and bloggers can make enough money to fully pursue their dreams without the fear of falling behind in any payments. Stay tuned

  61. cherylfoston says:

    Thank you, for visiting my blog. I admire your will to do what you love and I wish you nothing, but success with your music. I am a music lover as well, for it brings so much joy to everyone’s life in some way or another. Great blog!

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    Thank you for following me. Im new to the blogging phenomena and it’s great that there is someone out there in the vast WWW that is willing to help others grow in whatever direction they desire. I’ll be coming back here often. Keep up the good work!

    • Bryce Gorman says:

      Thanks Andy, there will be many articles that appeal to you I hope. There will be more info on practice tips, gaining and maintaining momentum and motivation, and how developing different streams of income can be your greatest asset in developing real wealth.
      I find wordpress to be much more relaxed and mature compared to other social media sites out there so I am glad you are on here!

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    • Bryce Gorman says:

      I will ask my colleagues if they are looking for a marketing strategist. In the meantime I have some links that could put you in touch with some great marketing resources as well as great motivational “secrets” and great strategies to drive traffic and sales. Email me if you are interested.

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  75. Thank you for the follow. I agree with you about not wanting to live paycheck to paycheck, and how to earn a living while doing what we love. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  76. Thanks for following my blog. I am happy to meet you in this virtual world. I think music adds so much joy to so many lives so I am glad you have time to pursue it.

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    You’re from BC :) I lived on Vancouver Island for a few years as a child. I love Canada!! :D
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    • Bryce Gorman says:

      There will be much more for you. Be sure to follow and sign up for my newsletter when it is out for latest marketing strategies that are working in 2014

  83. Hey Bryce! Thanks for your support by following my blog. I love your blogging tips… Rock on! Cass :)

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  86. Moi says:

    Hi Bryce, thanks for following, do you have a link to some of your music? I’d love to have a listen…

    • Bryce Gorman says:

      It may not be your style but a project I’m part of is just in the middle of releasing a new album. My site doesn’t let me upload files of too big a size so I am currently working on some of those issues over the next while.
      I’m very glad and thankful you are interested though! Stay tuned.

  87. Anna Rose says:

    Way to go living your dream instead of being held back by fear! It sounds like you are doing great things now.

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    I am glad to meet you sir. Thanks for following my blog. I guess I already like you after reading about you. I love music to…been into it lowkey…I wanna grow! Am sure I will find help from you to! About making cash from blogging…how does that really work? Plus can I get to know you more? Is there anyway we could work together?
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  89. Crissy says:

    The more I read your “About Me” page, the more I want to do what you’re doing. I love my job as a copywriter. But there are days when I don’t want to write certain topics and I have to.


    But for the moment, I’ll keep reading your tips. Good luck with your music career!

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    Hi Bryce! I started reading ‘Think and grow rich’ recently after I found its reference in a book by Robin Sharma. I am sure your blog would help me in the journey I have embarked on to apply the ideas discussed in said book. Also am impressed by one more wonderful book by Rhonda Byrne – ‘The secret’. Thanks for willing to be a partner in this voyage!

  92. Jennifer says:

    Hey Bryce, awesome blog! I’m new to the whole blogging thing but I look forward to reading more of your posts. And as a fellow musician (I do the violin thing as a hobby), I *totally* respect your love for music. All the best to you!


    • Bryce Gorman says:

      Thanks for coming by, I hope you get some real value out of the content on here. Keep up to date on the latest articles and you may find something that truly benefits you.

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