New TBM Album “is the only CD you need this summer!”

Train Bigger Monkeys’ NEW album “Divergence” is almost here!

Place your pre-order through Bryce Gorman Music and receive some fantastic bonuses like “getting your first 10,000 visitors to your site” or you can have the simple “Improve your guitar phrasing” e-book!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for “Divergence” to hit stores and your CD player in June!


BTW I’m not just promoting some random band from around Canada, this is the band I play bass in! So support our cause and get your pre-order bonuses now!


Below is a sneak peek into the album, with one of the songs, “Traversing the Storm” available to everyone.




Don’t forget to tell the band I sent you ;)

Head to TBM’s Bandcamp site for more of the album. (Digital Download coming soon!)

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Update on Upcoming Material

Hey there, sorry for being AFK as of late. I have been taking your feedback from across the website and have started compiling some new material for you in the meantime :)

I take all of your feedback seriously and only want to give you the best content I can deliver, because you deserve the best content that will help your artistic endeavors come true to you.

Whether you’re an author, visual artist, musician, or anything in between, I will help you reach your dreams no matter the obstacle.

So stay tuned for some awesome material over the next month!

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Why do Some Online Businesses Fail While Others Succeed?

Why do some online businesses fail while others succeed?

The answer(s) may be simpler than you think. But first, ask yourself some questions to see if you are truly on the fastest track you can be to your success.

1) Do I have a mentor at the top of his game who can teach me everything I need to know about internet marketing?

2) Am I all in and committed to reaching my goals spiritually, financially, and physically?

3) Do I have access to the latest in internet marketing techniques that are proven to get the traffic I want, the leads I want, and the sales I want?

4) Am I willing to commit most of my spare time to building my blog/business up, up, up so I can finally have the time and freedom to spend and take care of my family?

Building a business in any industry takes a lot of hard work and isn’t for the “slightly committed” or the “interested” if they expect to get huge results with little to no effort.


I’m going to assume that before reading this, you have never thought of your blog as a real business, but it really is.

Think about it, you have people that are coming to your website (store) and looking around at the content you are sharing or the products you are endorsing. These people like what they are reading or watching and decide to come back next week to see if you have anything new to share that can help them.

This is developing a following or a customer fan base, depending on the industry you are in.

So if you have a bit of traffic coming to your site, you already have people coming into your “store” to see what you have.

Now, imagine if you actually had a product to show them as well while they were looking through all of your free material. It doesn’t matter what the product is, a master class on ear training, guitar phrasing, a webinar on exactly how and where to go to get traffic, it really doesn’t matter.

As long as the product delivers massive results, people will buy it from you.

But don’t forget that you do need traffic coming to your website.

How do you drive traffic?

I have some pretty cool strategies laid out in my newsletter that are not on this website at all, so join up and get them.

I actually sell a really cool product that has tons of information in it about building up a blog and business.

It has it all; how to get leads from thin air, how to manage your time, how to stay on top of your game spiritually, financially, and physically, how to close sales, marketing “secrets”, killer copy writing “secrets”,  and is constantly being updated with the latest in these techniques every week.

I’m serious when I say this has been the difference maker in my own business and website here at BGM.

There is no way I would have ever found out stuff like this if it wasn’t for the Inner Circle Audio Training.

With secrets and strategies from the top income earners from all over the internet there is no way that you will not benefit from listening to just one of these audios a day.

I’m being serious, go to this website now for all of the information you need to make the biggest change in your business and life.

Why do some online businesses fail while others succeed? Successful people take massive action when they need to, and for you, that means right now!


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Why Would Anyone Practice in the Dark?

To build muscle memory, that’s why!

Think about it, when your eyes are completely useless in pitch black lighting your body has no choice but to hone in with your other senses.

Suddenly you feel the guitar neck more clearly and can hear the vibrating strings with a new sense of openness and clarity.

After just twenty minutes of practicing your scales or songs or vibrato or anything, you will notice an improvement in your confidence with placement and chord changes.

Well, whatever you practice in the dark is only going to improve your muscle memory.

If you have a tricky set of chords you want to get down perfectly, sit in total (I mean TOTAL) darkness and practice for about 15 – 20% of your total practice time for the day.

That could mean spending anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes in total darkness every day until you get that technique down.

Now, change up what you are practicing every 6 – 8 days so you keep advancing, this goes for your time in the dark as well.

If you haven’t totally mastered what you were aiming for, don’t worry, you will always be able to come back in a couple weeks to work on that technique again.

What you may find after practicing different techniques for a few weeks is that you may not have to practice those chord changes (or whatever you were practicing) again because now your body has gotten use to playing just by muscle memory.

So why would anyone practice in the dark?

What are some other benefits to your musicianship besides gaining muscle memory?

Imagine this:

You and your band walk out on a dark stage, get into position, and then wait for the drummer to cue you all in at the same time.

This whole time you haven’t been able to see your fretboard.

So hopefully you either walked onto the stage with that chord clutched tightly, or your muscles can remember exactly where to start playing at once you get out there.

I don’t know about you but I would prefer the latter, especially if I lost my place and needed to find it while the lights are beaming on the lead guitarist during his solo.

Another scenario:

If you ever happen to go blind (God forbid) during your career, you will already have the advantage of not having to spend weeks re-learning where everything is on your instrument.

And probably the most important aspect of learning the muscle memory:

You will be able to stare into the soul of the pretty boy or girl while you serenade them, instead of having your head hung staring at your guitar which further strains your vocal chords.


So what I want you to do right now is integrate playing in total darkness into your practice routine.

If you are still fairly new to guitar, I recommend only doing this for 5 – 10% of your practice time so that you develop those steady and coordinated hands faster than without practicing in the dark, but also leave a lot of room for you to hone down on your picking and fretting hand technique.

Take 5 minutes from every practice session to turn off the lights or wear a blindfold and really practice your muscle memory.

When you are improvising you will be much more free to think about the emotions you want to convey when you are not worrying about where your hands are.

Ask yourself, why would anyone want to practice in the dark and leave your comments below.

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Where Music is Played Today (and what that means for you!)

Where is music played at in today’s age?


Think about it, music is in TV shows, movies, ads, video games, on the street, on the radio, at your house, in your home, on the net, at the neighbour’s, on your fingertips, and in your head. There is no escaping it.

And that is the beauty of it!

As difficult as it is to break into the music industry and “make it” there are countless ways for you to get you music heard and to make money off of it at the same time.

Now not endless royalties and deals are abundant, but think of the up and coming people in other entertainment mediums that need your music to fill their soundtrack.

There are producers looking to get some real life experience with different musicians. What does that mean for you? It means you can get your best songs recorded and then used as promos to showcase the producer for FREE.

Exposure and free recording!

So find a producer on Kijiji or Craigslist or even on your Facebook newsfeed that is trying to branch out and start his or her own studio and get in touch with them.

Video game designers need cool sound effects and soundtracks to bring the magic of their games to life. Again, find a local studio, get in touch, build a relationship, and offer your services.

That is a little harder than it sounds on text but it is a truly an entrepreneurial and self-employed thing to do.

The same would go for a movie soundtrack. Most beginning filmmakers would stick to tried and true music already produced, but you may be able to find the odd one looking for original music that truly fits his or her movie.

Basically, get in touch with your local art scene. Surround yourself with these like-minded, motivated, creative individuals and become their friend.

Become the person they want to contact for their music problems.

Think of where music is played today, and corner that market for yourself.

Their are many would-be musicians out there, but not even 10% of them have any idea of how to treat their music business as just that: A business.

That simple mindset will put you on the competing edge and ahead of most musicians.

While the industry is still difficult to break into, you will soon see why so many others fail and why a select few actually “make it.”

Think of where music is played today, and find the people that want you to play it.




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What I Have Been Practicing Lately

Lately I have been preparing for the Wacken Metal Battle that is coming through Calgary in May.

So I have been focusing on a few specific things to improve my technique and showmanship.

I have been focusing on the songs we are going to play, as well as breaking down the techniques specifically and getting them down.

I have been practicing my slap and pop technique, my finger rolled triplets, overall cleanliness, as well as practicing in the dark for about 20% of the time, and working on playing an underhand-overhand technique.

I will write a short article about the benefits of playing in the dark, but most advantages are pretty easy to think about.

I haven’t forsaken my ear training, in fact I’ve been focusing on my relative pitch every time I’m in my truck alone  as well as putting 20 minutes or so every day towards perfect pitch at home. Read “The Number One Tool Most Musicians Never Use” here for amazing ear training.

The triplets and getting them clean and tight has proven to be the funnest challenge I’ve had in guitar playing in a long time.

Up until last year I would always use a pick (a technique not dropped from playing electric for so many years) but I have decided to master my finger picking as well to really get that awesome bass tone.

I still play on my electric and acoustic, especially for ear training and writing, but as a bass player for Train Bigger Monkeys I have decided that I need to really focus on bass skills.

On the plus side, the finger picking will definitely transfer over to electric and incorporate well with hybrid-picking.

Another fun practice technique has been the under/overhand technique I’ve been waiting to show off. If you haven’t seen it, ask Google to spit out a few videos of it for you.

I have no idea what it is called but it sure is flashy and will (hopefully) impress the people at the show.

Practicing that in the dark has proven to be very difficult thus far.

Share with us some of your unorthodox playing and practicing methods. What kind of showmanship do you like to represent when you are on stage?

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Crunch Time

About the lack of posts on here lately,

I am sorry.

I have been putting much work into researching and building a follow up series for my new newsletter.

Lots of great content you won’t find here directly on the site.

I’ve taken the last while to work on the content in the follow up list and on my Instagram account. Scheduled posts for the Facebook page, as well as driven a lot of “likes” and “follows” to all of the pages.

I really want to be able to make it to North Carolina in June for Empower Network’s Impact event so I am working hard and long hours to ensure I will make it there on time, and with the proper resources to build myself and my team up.

I’ve heard these Impact events are just amazing. Filled with great motivators, speakers, and even right down to the nitty gritty technical business building stuff. I have alo heard these events are where the majority of people have those “shifts” that really gear them up to start taking massive action and really getting results.

I will work as hard as I can to make it to this event!

But if you really want to know what I have been up to, jump on my newsletter list and get all of the juicy information I’ve been laying down for the lucky people that sign up for the list.


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The Blogging Formula


David Wood breaks down how Empower Network can help you take your online business to the next level and beyond. Start living the lifestyle you want.

There was a point about an hour in where he started to choke up telling the story of how he offered to pay for a blind woman’s surgery so she could see fully for the first time in her life. I’ve never seen so much passion in one man.

Contact me if you want even more information on how to join and take your business to greater heights.

or if you are so eager to join, go to this page, enter your email, and watch the video where Dave breaks down his 3 step formula to expanding your business through blogging.

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Setting Up Your Blog The Way You Want: Finding The Right Autoresponder

You at least have been setting up your blog the way you want by posting content on it, at the very least of once a week even if it is a motivational picture you found on Google with a caption under it.

As long as you are regularly engaging your viewers with good content, you will have something solid to build on.

Let’s say you operate a blog that regularly posts your work as a photographer and you want a way to keep in touch with your audience without grinding at a computer for 8 hours a day just to let everyone know how your new photo shoot went with your latest and best client.

This is where the magic of autoresponders come into play.

The beauty of a good autoresponder is that you only have to write a handful of emails once, and when somebody opts into your email list, they get those pre-written emails without you having to do anything else.

There are lots of different strategies for what to write about in your autoresponders. For now, let’s stick with the photography example.

Your first email could be an introduction about yourself, and include a small e-book of your best work only available to email subscribers. (if you decide to offer exclusive email content, make sure to highlight that around the sign up form)

Now you have premium content that regular visitors cannot access without signing up for your newsletter.

A second email could be more photographs and drawings from around your website. Highlight how you created these photos; the light setting, exposure, what camera you used, where the photos were taken.

Then in your third email you could include something like how you got started into taking photographs. Write something about how you got your first camera, how old you were, when you decided that photography was your passion. Write anything that really humanizes your experience to your followers. People love seeing the people they look up to relate on such a basic human level.

Maybe in another email in the future you could write about your biggest blunder as a photographer and how you now avoid those situations.

See, the basic principle is to provide your followers and readers with value. Give them content that they enjoy, teach them about your art, make it relateable and soon you will have a dedicated (that is important) following that will consistently engage with your content, and recommend you to their friends.

Now on the surface this doesn’t seem very profitable for a photographer, especially because you actually have to physically be there to take photographs of your clients and you have to invest the money into an autoresponder. So what is the point of developing a following from all around the globe?

Trust me when I say that if you leverage things right, if you offer you work to your audience in the right way, and effectively use your autoresponder you will make back ten times the amount of money you invest in (maybe even more) because you spread the word about yourself and worked up hype about your work.

Also, NEVER underestimate the leverage you gain towards big publishing companies and other photographers that you want to collaberate with in the future.

Think of this for a moment: You want to host an exhibit to showcase your work and you need a sponsor. Doesn’t matter which sponsor, as long as it is a sponsor you want to work with. When you approach that company or partner and ask them to sponsor the event, they are going to look at two main things.

Write this down…

They will look at the VALUE you bring to them, as well as the RISK you bring to them.

If you can leverage your 20,000 followers all around the world with 1,000 of them living in your local area, you can convince the sponsor of your choice that the event will be a success. You can say to your sponsor that all it will take to get your dedicated following to come out and view some brand new material is a few keystrokes that make up ONE EMAIL and that this email will be sent out to everyone on your email list and those people in the surrounding area are bound to come pay to see your amazing fresh content.

So how does this tie in with what I’m saying? What I am saying is that if you want to free up your time and get more work done, then you NEED an autoresponder.

I personally use AWeber as my autoresponder. Look to the right of this post. Those sign up forms were made with AWeber, which I then plugged into my website’s code, and now anyone that puts their email into those opt ins is automatically sent the information that they requested on a recurring basis.

I made the jump to a self hosted site from WordPress because WordPress does not allow Javascript on their pages. You can put in the code but any kind of sign up form with not show up as the graphic like it is supposed to. I ran into this problem and it cost me a week’s worth of leads because I was silly enough to think that people would just follow on my blog and get the information just through my posts.

But if you can send them direct information on the content they want and have asked for, then what you have is a streamlined effect for producing and keeping your current client base extremely happy.

Besides, if you send exclusive email content not found on your site, you have an extra incentive for people to opt in.

There are many other outside the box ways to provide extra value for your clients, and as the creative photographer I will leave that to you ;)

Don’t let this example limit your thinking. If you sell beauty products, weight lifting equipment, food, supplements, tires, lift kits, vehicles, computers, video games, dishwashers, clothes, desks, tables, chairs, routers, TVs, filing cabinets, highlighters, post-its, blinds, snow shovels, clocks, building supplies, renovation services,  moving trucks, motor fuel, hamburgers, mail delivery… ANYTHING AT ALL then you need an autoresponder to cut down on your workload, provide better content, and focus on what it is you are really meant to do with your life.

So now, if you are ready to put a little more time into your own business so that you won’t ever have to grind away chasing leads day in and day out again, then sign up for AWebers $1 for one month trial and test it out. If you don’t feel ready to automate that part of your business, that is fine. Just know that this option is always available to you if you feel your workload getting out of hand.

For future tips on setting up your blog the way you want there is a follow button that will let you know when any new post is put onto this website. Just enter your email so an automated response from the WordPress site will let you know when a new post is up and ready.

Also, for quick and mobile updates click the like button and stay updated on Facebook.

This is how you set up your blog the way you want.



Can You Have More Sales, Too?

Helping over 120,000+ businesses like yours raise profits and build customer relationships using AWeber’s opt-in email marketing software for over 10 years.

Take a Free Test Drive today!

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