Guitar Lessons in the Elk Valley

Forget Everything You Ever Thought About Learning To Play The Guitar Like A Real Musician!


If you are here then I know you want one thing and one thing only – to play the guitar like a total boss!

You are possibly looking for the best guitar lessons in Sparwood for you or your child?

You have been searching online for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years and are sick of all of the useless, incomplete, and downright wrong information on how to actually PLAY the guitar.

Your friends have been getting better than you even though you practice even harder than them at school and at home.

Maybe you just want a place to plug-in, jam, and get some REAL practice time in with no mom, girlfriend, or friends shouting at you to “go drink with them.” Just you, your guitar, and a coach that will help you stay on track.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why it is that your friends seem to be getting better at guitar than you? Maybe it is in the guitar that they have, or how much time they practice their guitar a day, or maybe they were just born with “natural talent.”

Some people will accept these “excuses” as to why their guitar playing sucks so let me tell you that these three possible reasons are DEAD WRONG!

The truth is, you don’t NEED a $2000 guitar to sound good. You don’t even need a $200 guitar to make you sound good. No, practicing for 8 hours a day for 5 years (or some other inhuman number) is NOT the best way to reach your guitar playing goals. No amount of “natural talent” stands up to focused determination and a consistent effort.

“Well, if it is not those things, then something else must be making them sound better every time I hear them.”

This is partly true, if only slightly on the right track. Around here, there is not much in the way of choice for guitar lessons in Sparwood. There is the school (if you are still in high school), there is your friend that knows more about the guitar, there is the library (if they even have any music/music theory books), and there is the internet for those that are really desperate to learn.

So what do people usually do when they are so disconnected from any real source of music knowledge (like a real TEACHER!)? They try and figure it out on their own! This ends up leading to frustration, road blocks, challenges, no way to get around those challenges, hours spent poured into books and the internet just HOPING to find something that will help them progress, and ultimately, no REAL results which leads people to quitting playing guitar altogether.

Imagine that, people quitting doing the single most awesome thing in the entire world!

There is a class of people that stick to it, the ones that keep playing those scales and chords a little bit faster every week, are the ones that you see that are “getting better every time I(you) see them.”

Repeat this next line OUT LOUD: “No these people are not getting better, they are getting FASTER.”

There is nothing wrong with getting faster at your guitar playing (fact – it is the #1 desired goal most common to all guitarists) but there is something wrong with ONLY getting faster at your guitar playing. You can play faster and faster all you want, but those scales and chords are going to sound like that, just scales and chords, not REAL MUSIC.

This is why getting BETTER at your instrument is the result you truly want to achieve. You want to be able to express yourself fully on the guitar, you want to pour your heart out for everyone to hear and feel, you want your friends to be impressed, and you want the ladies (or men) or your loved one to swoon over you while you serenade them with your favourite love song. THIS is what becoming a great guitarist is truly about.

You don’t want to “just” play blinding fast speeds on the guitar, you want to play blinding fast solos that melt the flesh off of your listener’s skull! You don’t want to “just” play some chords to a song, you want to create music that makes you and others feel good!
Maybe you are a parent that wants to give their child that boost of confidence they need to help them succeed with the rest of their life. There is evidence EVERYWHERE on the benefits a child gets FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES that comes from learning to play a musical instrument. The child develops more friends easily, holds onto those friendships for longer, does better in school, does better in sports, becomes more involved in their community, develops a sense of self awareness, and thousands of other tiny intrinsic benefits that enhance the life of the child.

Parents, do you regret not learning an instrument as a child? Don’t let your child grow up with that same regret.

There is one benefit I can point out to you that trumps all others and will take you and/or your child further in life everywhere you go and it is summed up in one word:


When you learn, cultivate, nurture, and grow discipline you IMMEDIATELY skyrocket your chances for success in your guitar playing,
and in life in general. Really think on that for a moment before continuing.

You may be thinking, “how does learning to play the guitar help me with my studies/career/sports?” and there are many ways, but we will focus on a few key points for this purpose.

When you commit 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour a day to growing into the guitar player you want to be, you develop something that is really quite difficult to explain. you develop a certain walk or look, you develop something that tells others, “hey I am serious, I am motivated, and I will win,” without even having to say anything to anybody. That “presence” is just there.

Have you ever heard the expression, “A man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small rocks”? Well think of your guitar playing goals like a huge mountain with the top of the mountain being your ultimate result, your ultimate YOU. You may be near the bottom, or the top, or somewhere in between. Imagine there being a long staircase from the bottom to the top of the mountain with each step being one “goal” or “achievement” that you need to make along the way.

It may seem daunting, “oh no look at all of those stairs!” but this is where the benefit of learning to play an instrument comes in. You WILL begin to see each step as a manageable victory, another turning point, another good lesson learned, another goal ready to be crushed the closer you get to it. It starts to become more clear with time that you can REALLY do this, you can really make it up this mountain!

Music has a compounding effect on the way you study other disciplines. Math becomes easier when you start to see new patterns emerging. Writing in general becomes much easier when you start to learn how to express yourself on a deeper level through music. Even your Physical Education class or hour at the gym becomes an easier task, not because of any beating your body may take, but how your brain is now more equipped and ready to handle multiple extreme activities.

The term that is used is called, “neural plasticity.” It literally means your brain is changing, forming new connections and making itself stronger. Your brain becomes more stable, more advanced, more capable of making faster and better decisions.

You stand taller, you feel healthier, you love more, you laugh more, you feel more, you relax more, I could never stop telling you how exciting music is to learn and all of the amazing benefits that comes with a musical education.

Many universities around the world will accept reading musical notation as a second language because of the complexity and accuracy it calls for.

Almost every great historical leader had some kind of musical education and background. Many of today’s top celebrities and role models
(NOT including the Kardashians) have been playing music for many years.

Now there is a studio in Sparwood that can cater to your needs as a growing guitarist. You wanted a place to learn, practice, and progress, well now you have it! The Sparwood guitar gym is the first of its kind offering a place for you to bring your guitar and practice in front of a highly trained guitar coach every week. While there are many other programs to join, simply using the gym alone to its full potential has the ability to transform your playing immensely in a very short amount of time.

Imagine a place where a guitar teacher in Sparwood would sit down with you, discuss your goals, discuss your challenges, and build a strategy to help you achieve those goals and overcome those challenges. If you don’t have goals, we will set them together. If you cannot identify your weaknesses, I can help you realize where they are and help you learn how to identify your problems for yourself when you are at home practicing alone. If you do not know what you need to be practicing NOW, we will find the first thing you have to do, and the second, and the third, and the fourth, and so on.

“Well, what if I am a beginner and don’t know the first thing about playing guitar? I feel helpless when I pick up the guitar, I don’t even know a single chord or melody to play.” This is ok, I do not want you to worry if you have never played guitar before. The truth is, every single one of your favourite musicians started EXACTLY where you are right now. Even I started out having all of these doubts and worries about if I could ever really learn to play the guitar.

I will tell you the truth, all of those fears and worries I had about not becoming a good guitarist were complete garbage. I was holding myself back from reaching my potential as a guitarist, as a teacher, and as a person. If there is anything you cannot do on the guitar, it CAN be learned.

If you are searching for beginner guitar lessons in Sparwood then you NEED to read this.

You have all these worries, doubts, fears, and whatever else swimming inside your head. You are unsure if you are too young, too old, too dumb (listen to yourself, c’mon!) to learn the guitar. You are worried that your fingers are either too small or too big to fit on the guitar. You’re worried that your wrist and fingers can’t bend the ways you will need them to. You are worried that you will never know HOW to actually make music.

I want to show you in person that you can do all of these things. I KNOW you can become a great guitarist.

How do I know this? I know this because learning to play the guitar is really not that difficult. You don’t need super human strength, speed, or intelligence to become really really good. You only need two things:

1)A will to succeed at everything you do from here on out. And,

2)A great guitar teacher that is experienced with teaching beginners like you evolve into more advanced stages of guitar playing.

That’s it. Those are the only two things you need to make you absolutely UNSTOPPABLE at reaching your goals.

History has proven time and time again that it is not the strongest, the smartest, or the fastest that survives and thrives, but rather the people that are the most determined to succeed and thrive that truly do so.

Guitar lessons in the Elk Valley are a real thing! No more frustration, no more anger, no more thoughts of just giving up, no more EXCUSES as to why you cannot reach your guitar playing dreams!

So after you have decided that learning to play the guitar is the BEST thing you can do for yourself right now, contact me to set up your FREE Evaluation Lesson and get you started on the path to success!

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